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New Zealand's Early Philatelic Journals

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The information below is taken largely verbatim from A Century of Philately, Chapter 10 New Zealand Philatelic Publications (Des. Hurley FRPSNZ, 1988)
which concludes with a chronological listing of New Zealand's journals.
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Some entries have a link to a PDF of a complete early issue.  Note - these can be large files.


[1] New Zealand Stamp Collectors' Quarterly. 1880.  F.A. Henderson & Co, Auckland.
v1no1 (Oct 1880).  Only one issue known.
New Zealand Stamp collectors quarterly 1880
[Image courtesy British Library]
[2] Philatelic Times. 1881.  F. Moore & Co and F.A. Henderson & Co., Auckland.
No. 3 "published for the proprietor, John Dickson Wickham, Vulcan Lane".
v1no1 (May 1881) - v1no4 (Nov 1881).
Philatelic Times 1881
[Image courtesy British Library]
[3] Stamps and Stamp Collecting. 1881.  Percy W. Berry, Auckland.
v1no1 (1881). Only one issue known.
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[4] New Zealand Philatelist. 1900.  British & Continental Stamp Co., Wellington.
Editor E.G. Potter.
v1no1 (Apr 1900). Only one issue known.
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[5] Sterling Monthly. 1903. The Sterling Monthly - A Journal for New Zealand Philatelists.
Sterling Stamp Co., Nelson. Continued as "The New Zealand Philatelist" [6]
v1no1 (Jun 1903) - 1no7 (Dec 1903)

Vol 1, No 1 full text (4.2MB)
Sterling Monthly
[6] The New Zealand Philatelist. 1904. Sterling Stamp Co. Nelson.
"Incorporates The Sterling Monthly" [5]
v1no1 (Jan 1904) - 2/no5 (Oct 1904)

Vol 1, No 1 full text  (3MB)
New Zealand Philatelist
[7] Oceania Philatelic Journal. 1904-5. Sydney John Howard, Greatford, Rangitikei.
v1no1 (Jun 1904) - 1no5 (Jun 1905)
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[8] Stamp Collectors' Monthly Advertiser. 1905. J.H. East & Co, Christchurch; S. East (Ed.)
no1 (1905) - no4 (Jun 1905)
Stamp Collectors Monthly Advertiser
[Image courtesy British Library]
[9] N.Z. Exchange. 1907. V. Venables, Waipukurau.  Two issues, mostly advertisements.
1no1 (1907) - 1no2 (1907)
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[10] The N.Z. Collectors' Exchange. 1908-12. Official organ of the Mutual Exchange Club.
Monthly.  John E. Griffiths, Tokomaru.
Nos 1-22 edited by R. Brown, 23-44 ?, 45 by R.F. Joyce, 46-48 by J.E. Griffiths.
Succeeded by "The Maoriland Philatelist" [12]
v1no1 (Feb 1908) - 4no48 (Nov 1911/May 1912)

v4no45 full text (6.3MB)
N.Z. Collectors' Exchange
[11] The New Zealand Junior Philatelist and Stamp Collectors' Friend. 1911.
Junior Philatelic Association, Christchurch.  William J. Wilson, editor & publisher.
v1no1 (Dec 1911) only.

A handwritten note on the inside fly-leaf of the copy in the Library of the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand states
"The work was never issued & this copy only was printed. This space was left for the President's address which was never printed.
Given to me by W.A. Hamilton 16/4/12."

v1no1 full text (3MB)

New Zealand Junior Philatelist
[12] Maoriland Philatelist. 1912. J. William Matthews, Wairoa, (no1); Masterton (nos2-6).
Monthly.  Incorporated "NZ Collectors' Exchange" [10] from May 1912.
v1no1 (Mar1912) - no6 (Aug 1912)
[Image sought]
[13] New Zealand Stamp Journal. 1913-14. Auckland. Monthly.
Nos 1-10 published by E.D. Harvey, 11-12 by R. Starkey. Editor: C. Balfour Melville.
Official organ of the Auckland Philatelic Society; Blenheim Mutual Exchange Club; Dunedin Philatelic Society, Junior Philatelic Society of NZ.
v1no1 (Jul 1913) - 1no12 (Jun 1914)

v1no1 full text (7.4MB)
New Zealand Stamp Journal
[14] New Zealand Stamp Collector. 1919-date.  Verne & Co, Christchurch; Federation of NZ Philatelic Societies; Royal Philatelic Society of NZ, Wellington.
Eds L. Vernazoni, R.J.G. Collins, M.L. Collins, D.E.G. Naish, C.W. Watts,  J.W. Brodie, B.G. Vincent, R. Bloxham.
Fully indexed (Adam Miller) 1919-1994 (1998), update to 2004 (2005).
v1no1 (Nov 1919) - date.

Vol. 1 No. 1 full text (10.5 MB)
New Zealand Stamp Collector cover


[15] South Sea Philatelist. [1922]-[1925]  Suva, Fiji. Incorporates "Colonial Philatelist" [22]     . and changes name. See "South Sea and Colonial Philatelist" [25]. Basically Fijian.
South Sea Philatelist
[16] Foreign Club of Oceania. 1923.  N. Rossiter, ed. and publisher; Foreign Club of Oceania.
[Image sought]
[17] Junior Monthly News Letter. 1924.  Donbank Philatelic Society, Wellington.
This Society later became the Wellington Philatelic Society.
v1no1(Oct 1924) only
Junior Monthly News Letter cover
[18] Maoriland. 1925. Frank H. Bray, Feilding. Quarterly.  Became "Maori-land Collector" [20].
v1nol(Jul 1925). One issue only.
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[19] British Empire Correspondence Club. 1925-28. Warwick J. Bock & Fred A. Kemsley, Christchurch. Quarterly. Became "Haeramai" [26].
no1 (Fen 1925) - no15 (Aug 1928)
[Image sought]
[20] The Maoriland Collector. 1925-28.  Frank H. Bray, Fielding.
Oceania Exchange Club, Dannevirke.  Amalgamated with the "South Sea and Colonial Philatelist" [25] to become "The Oceania Collector" [27].
v1no1 (Oct 1926) - 1no12 (Sep 1927)
Maoriland Collector
[21] Wilcox Smith's Philatelic Monthly. 1926-27. Wilcox Smith & Co, Dunedin.
v1no1 (Oct 1926) - 1no12 (Sep 1927).

No. 1 full text (1.5 MB)
Wilcox Smith's Philatelic Monthly cover
[22] Colonial Philatelist. 1926-[1928]  Official organ of the Colonial Philatelic Exchange. Monthly. E.A. Jordan, Oxford, New Zealand.
Title varies. v4 as "South Sea Philatelist". v4(3) issued in another edition with identical contents as "South Sea and Colonial Philatelist" [25]. v4(8) is titled "South Sea Philatelist with which is included the Colonial Philatelist." (?Incorporated with "South Sea Philatelist" [15] after 2no3 (Nov 1927).
1no1 (Jul 1926) - 4no8 (Aug 1928)

[23] International Stamp Circular. 1926-27. Dunedin Stamp Co., Dunedin. Monthly. Mostly advertising.
nol (Nov 1926) - no9(Jul 1927).
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[24] McGlashan Stamp Club Magazine. 1927-28. John McGlashan College Stamp Club,
Dunedin. Monthly.
v1no1 (Oct 1927) - v2no?(Sep/Oct 1928)
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[25] South Sea and Colonial Philatelist. 1928.  E.A. Jordan, Oxford. Quarterly. Amalgamated with "Maoriland Collector" [20] to become "The Oceania Collector" [27] from January 1929.
See also "Colonial Philatelist" [22].
v4no3(Aug 1928) - 4no8.
South Sea & Colonial Philatelist cover
[26] Haeramai [sic]. 1928-1930. Haeramai Correspondence Club; Fred A. Kemsley. [Journal of the Haeramai Correspondence Club. Basil J. Scott, Rotorua].
Continued as "The Maorilander" [33]. Club merged into Stamps & Hobbies Club, Mar 1934. Monthly (?).
(Nov 1928) - (Nov 1930)
[Image sought]
[27] The Oceania Collector. 1929-. Frank H. Bray, Hamilton; Taumarunui. Quarterly.
Official organ of the Oceania Exchange Club; South Sea Philatelic Exchange; Colonial Philatelic Exchange. 
Mizpah Correspondence and Exchange Club amalgamated with the Oceania Exchange Club in September 1940.
Preceded by "South Sea and Colonial Philatelist" [25] and "Maoriland Collector" [20].
Vols 1-10 published in Dannevirke; 11 in Taihape; 12-32 Taumarunui; 33-? Hamilton.
Still published as the official organ of the Oceania Exchange Club, Mahora, Hastings.
Numbering apparently continued from "Maoriland Collector" [20].
v5no1 (Jan 1929) -

Oceania Collector
[28] Hobby News. 1930. Walter H. Nicholas, Dannevirke for Kiwi Correspondence Club. Merged into "Maorilander" [33], March 1934.
v1no1 (Oct 1930). Only one issue known.
[Image sought]
[29] Kiwi News. 1930-1931. Kiwi Correspondence Club, Mt Eden, Auckland. R. Dixon, Auckland. Quarterly (?). Merged into "Maorilander" [33], March 1934.
no1(Jul 1930) - no5(Apr 1931).
[Image sought]
to be continued.....

Note - the full text of some early journals is shown based on the belief that any copyrights have expired.