Stamps on Music

2nd Edition

The World-wide Catalogue & Handbook of Stamps issued under Copyright Acts.

Adam Miller



I have been collecting and writing about these stamps for over 30 years.  This 2nd editions catalogue/handbook updates the results of my studies under one cover following the 1st Edition of 2007.  The catalogue is based largely upon my own extensive collection of these stamps, plus I have been privileged to have had access to several other significant collections.

Printed in full colour, on A4 paper with card covers, this 312-page book has been coil-bound to ensure it lies flat for its primary usage as a catalogue.  The stamp illustrations were all generated for printing at 300dpi and 150% for ease of reference.  Throughout the listing, I have endeavoured to highlight important variances in type, perforation, shade, watermark and method of value - be that printed, handstamped, typewritten or manuscript.  In all, close to 5,000 different stamps are listed!

Over 420 stamp issuers are listed, from Aberbach to Zonophone.  Many well-known names are in here, including music publishers like Francis, Day & Hunter, Chappell & Co, J. Albert & Son, G. Ricordi and Boosey & Hawkes.  Copyright collecting organisations are represented by BIEM, EDIFO, MCPS and their various precursors, among others.  Record companies also issued copyright stamps, and so the majors like The Gramophone Co (HMV), Columbia and Victor are here, as well as many earlier labels such as Ariel, Beka and Scala. Some individual composers also issued these stamps  including such famous names as Granville Bantock and C. Villiers Stanford in the UK and Jack O'Hagan in Australia.  For completeness, the catalogue also covers Authors' copyright stamps from books (notably R.L. Stevenson), Inspection stamps and UK Purchase Tax stamps  Other non-copyright stamps occasionally found on 78rpm records are also now listed.

Most of the issuers are from the UK (well over 100), plus significant numbers from Australia (40), Italy (45) and France (34).  A further 16 other countries are represented, including most European nations, but also represented are the USA, Argentina and New Zealand.

Full colour was chosen to reflect the importance of this work as the expected long-term reference in this area of Revenue philately.  

Sample part catalogues

These were produced earlier in 2016 before the 2nd Edition was finalised, and the images are at a lower resolution than the final copy. If you find them useful, please go on and buy the book via

Great Britain


Awards for the 1st Edition
** 19 June - Awarded Large Vermeil in Literature Class at Sydney Stamp Show, 2007.
** 26 June - Awarded Large Vermeil in Literature Class as St. Petersburg, F.I.P., 2007
** 30 June - Awarded Silver Gold at 10th New Zealand Philatelic Literature Exhibition, Palmerston North, 2007

** 14 August - Awarded Gold at APS Stampshow 2008, Hartford, CT.

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Biographical notes

I am a current Council Member & past-President of The Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand, and also a member of these other societies:
As well as numerous articles in philatelic and gramophone society journals, I have authored four other philatelic books:
Index to The New Zealand Stamp Collector 1919-1994 (1998),
its follow-up, Index to The New Zealand Stamp Collector 1995-2004 & The Newsletter 1947-1973 (2005),
and The RPSNZ Library: A List of Library Holdings, 2007 Edition.
In 2011 the RPSNZ  published my previous book The Parcel Carriage Labels of New Zealand

Adam Miller
New Zealand
November 2017.