Mechanical Copyright stamps


USA, Music Publisher.

Formed as country music publisher Hill and Range in 1945 by Julian Aberbach, later joined by his brother Jean.  Aberbach obtained the exclusive rights to publish the music of Elvis Presley in 1955.  Stamps were issued for Great Britain and Australia.

Aberbach Type GB1
Date: c1955
Issues: 1
Size: 12mm
Perf: 12
Rarity: RRR
Design: Diamond shape, "Copyright / ABERBACH / (London) / Ltd." below treble clef symbol.
Aberbach Type A1
Date: c1950
Issues: 1
Size: 16 mm.
Perf: 11
Rarity: RRR
Design: Diamond shape, "ABERBACH / (Aust.) Pty. / Limited"
Aberbach Type A2
Date: 1959
Issues: 2
Size: 15.5 mm circle
Perf: 11
Rarity: RR
Design: Two concentric circles, crenellated borders, with space for value in the middle.  The same design was used for some issues of Chappel & Co and Edwin H. Morris & Co.

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