Mechanical Copyright stamps

Boosey & Co, Boosey & Hawkes

Great Britain & Australia, Music Publisher.

Founded by Thomas Boosey as a London bookshop in 1795 (although the roots go back to John Boosey’s music lending library of the 1760s). A separate music side was started in 1816 under control of the founder's son, also Thomas. From about 1850 the firm also manufactured wind instruments. Publishing and manufacturing combined as Boosey & Co in 1874.
An Australian branch wasset up in the early 1920s.
In 1927 they acquired the catalogue of Enoch & Sons, and in 1930 they amalgamated with Hawkes & Son to become Boosey & Hawkes.  They are still active today.  

Boosey & Co copyright stamp
Date: 1913-24
Issues: 54
Size: 19x19mm
Perf: 11, 12, 12x11
Rarity: C  
Design: Gothic font "B&Co" in circle, inside larger circle with four chords lined off by 8 bars making a diamond surround. Always seen in shades of red. 
There are many font variations, and values are known in manuscript and handstamp.
Boosey & Co copyright stamp
Date: 1924-30
Issues: 10
Size: 19x19mm
Perf: 11, 12
Rarity: R  
Design: As type 1, but differs in being predominately ornage-red & the paper is thicker and softer.
Boosey & Co Australia copyright stamp
Date: c1922
Issues: 3
Size: 17.5x22mm
Perf: Roul. 9½
Rarity: RRR  
Design: A redrawn and slightly smaller type 1, most obvious in the smaller bar after the "C".  There are also 9 bars in each chord.  The long type has a panel at the base for an occasional serial number and appears on piano rolls. Only manuscript values seen.
The design is the same as used for Palings, Essex, Jewel and Cary.
Boosey & Co Australia
Date: 1924-37
Issues: 18
Size: 17.5x17.5mm
Perf: Roul. 9½
Rarity: R  
Design: Created by excising the base panel from type A1.  Values known typeset, typewritten, handstamped and in manuscript.
Boosey & Hawkes Australia
Date: 1934-50
Issues: 9
Size: 17.5x17.5mm
Perf: Roul. 9½, perf. 11
Rarity: R  
Design: Created from type A2 by replacing the "B&Co" with "B&H" for Boosey & Hawkes.
Boosey & Hawkes Australia
Date: mid-1950s
Issues: 1
Size: 15x15mm
Perf: Roul. 11
Rarity: R  
Design: A photographically reduced type A3

Gallery Items

Set of type 2
Type A4 on reverse of Viking 45rpm sleeve, with several others.

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